Vision, Mission and Passion


There is nothing more frustrating for a patient suffering from a rare debilitating/life-threatening illness (and for his/her family), then to know that there is an orphan drug developed/approved for the rare disease she/he is diagnosed with but only available in certain countries and not in her/his country. My personal involvement with rare diseases dates back to 1991 when I joined Genzyme Europe for the introduction of Ceredase/Cerezyme for Gaucher disease. I met with hundreds of patients who suffer from a rare disease in countries around the world. The impact that some of these orphan drugs have on the lives of patients and their families and friends is extraordinary.

It motivated us to create a means for getting patients with a rare disease diagnosed faster so that they can be treated faster (where feasible) rather than having to wait for 10, 20 and sometimes even 40 years before getting properly diagnosed as was reported by NORD and others in 2013. For more information about this dilemma please go to web page titled The Diagnostic Odyssey in Rare Disorders.


To provide operational support to bio-pharmaceutical companies that want to meet the unmet medical needs of patients who live in countries outside of the US and Europe.

Bioneur introduces companies to carefully selected local/regional pharmaceutical distributors in the Asia Pacific region, Africa and South America that have hands-on experience with import procedures for named patient supply/sales, regulatory affairs and all facets of (pre-) commercialization of orphan/specialty drugs.


This is what is motivating us every day.

Thank you for your interest in Bioneur.

Dick Meijer
President and founder