5 P’s of Orphan Drug Marketing Mix

Collaboration with Patient, Physician, Policy, Payer and local Partner companies form the basis for sustainable success with orphan drugs in almost every country.
Passionate engagement with these and other stakeholders should start early. It is effective and appreciated by all parties involved.
During the almost 25 years that Bioneur has been involved with many facets in the rare disease community, it has established a great network in many countries around the world.
Market access:
There is nothing more frustrating for a patient suffering from a rare debilitating/life-threatening illness (and for his/her family), then to know that there is an orphan drug developed/approved for the rare disease she/he is diagnosed with but only available in certain countries and not in her/his country.
Bioneur provides operational support to bio-pharmaceutical companies that wants to meet the unmet medical needs of patients who live in countries outside of the US and Europe.
We will introduce these companies to carefully selected local/regional pharmaceutical distributors in the Asia Pacific region, Africa and South America that have hands-on experience with import procedures for named patient supply/sales, regulatory affairs and all facets of (pre-)commercialization of orphan/specialty drugs.
Bioneur offers a simple, pragmatic, efficient and cost effective rare disease specific business model that:

  1. enables physicians to treat his/her patient(s) suffering from a debilitating/life-threatening rare illness and
  2. to enable emerging bio-pharmaceutical companies to commercially develop international markets without significant investments.